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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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dave and pam, back to you. thank you, sal. the latest on the oil refinery scare in contra costa county. what's happening now? and should people feel safe after a major alert at the tesoro plant? and winners announced in oakland's mayor race, but will the runner upkeep fighting? good morning. cold out there. breezy. lows in the 40s and 50s. will we warm it up today or keep it as cool as yesterday?
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power outage triggered a massive burn off. now officials want to know what triggered the power outage. blustery conditions. how will that impact temperatures in answerrens coming up. and the race for oakland mayor may be over but the real battle is just getting started. that's all ahead here on the channel 2 morning news. good morning to you. welcome to thursday november 11th. it is veteran's day. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson for a little weather. >> thank you, pam and dave.
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we have clear skies this morning. rather windy for a few. other areas calm. others gusts over 25 miles per hour. if you have a breeze and temperatures up in the 40s and 50s without a breeze you can be in the upper 30s. after everything said and done few high clouds drift over the north bay. otherwise sunny to mostly sunny today. and highs warmer a couple degrees two to three over yesterday. low to mid-60s. here's sal. traffic looks good on 80 westbound although it's pretty crowded. obvious not everyone has veteran's day off. 6:03 back to the desk. topping our news this morning the all clear has been given but the investigation is underway into an unexpected flare up that triggered a public health emergency at a bay area refinery. fire from the tesoro oil refinery near martinez burned most of the night producing towers of flames and huge plumes of smoke. we're live from near the refinery to tell us what's
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happening now. >> reporter: we can tell you that the flares at the tesoro golden eagle refinery have stopped burning. all morning we've seen cars and contractors driving into the refinery through the utility gates here. from our perspective it appears things are getting back to normal here at this refinery. it was a different story yesterday. around 4:00 yesterday afternoon as many as six flares at the refinery were triggered. that happened because of a power outage. those flares are designed to burn whenever there's a build up of pressurized fuel at the refinery. >> the flares did what they were supposed to do. they released pressure from our system due to the sudden power outage which we're trying to understand. >> reporter: and of course any time you burn fuel it can lead to air quality issues. so contra costa county heal officials advised residents in the communities of concord, clive and avon to stay indoors. a shelter in place order for people to avoid the potentially harmful smoke from the flares.
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>> monitoring the air in realtime with hand held instrumentation and it will be analyzed the bay area management laboratory. >> reporter: we don't know at this point the results of those laboratory tests. but the shelter in place order was called off around 8:00 last night. again, health officials warn that people with compromised respiratory systems could still feel the effects of the smoke late into the evening yesterday. tesoro is based in san antonio, texas. we've made several calls to figure out what the company's doing to trigger the power outage in the first place. at 4:00 yesterday the refinery's main power source and back up power source both went out. as of yesterday spokespersons for tesoro don't know what caused the outage. ktvu channel 2 news. our coverage continues throughout the morning here on channel 2 and on our website at where you will find more video from the incident and other information. just look for the bay area news
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tab. this morning former state senator will talk publicly for the first time following his loss to city councilwoman jean quan in the oakland mayor's race. last night it was announced the final results after ranked choice voting results were figured in, jean quan defeated don by 2,000 votes. [ indiscernible ] >> you're looking at jean quan supporters chanting her slogan block by block. it was the ranked choice voting that gave her the victory over don. >> this is going to be a race people will be studying for a long time. but it gives hope to people who are outspent. gives hope to people as long as you can organize your neighborhoods and you can get volunteers that you can win. and in a democracy if you win by one vote, you win.
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[ cheering and applause ] >> jean quan becomes the first female mayor of oakland and the first asian-american mayor of any major american city. don has called a news conference for 10:00 this morning. he'll comment on the final results of the mayor's race. he said he would wait until the results were final before making any public comments. however, a political consultant on his campaign denounced the victory of quan by ranked choice voting calling it a "travesty." there is a major new development in monday night's fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in oakland. an independent autopsy reveals the 37-year-old was shot several times but he was only hit in the front of his body. not in the back. members of jones' family had claimed he was shot in the back. police say they opened fire after jones reached for his waistband and turned and faced them during a foot chase.
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officials say they thought he was carrying a weapon. well, today is veteran's day. schools are closed along with banks and government offices and there will not be any mail delivery. several veteran's day events and parades are also scheduled around the bay area today. you can find a complete list on our website at just look for the right now section on our home page. all right. right now it is 6:07. we go to sal to see what's happening in the little mild commute or is it still mild? it is still mild. today the meters will be enforced in san francisco although residential parking will not. if you have those stickers they won't be enforced. you can go ahead and park today. but you should if in doubt make sure you read the meter. the port meters will be enforced as well. go out and take a look at the commute. westbound highway 4 that traffic looks good. by the way public transportation today on normal schedules muni, bart, cal train, ac transit on regular
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schedules. moving along looking at westbound bay bridge light. this morning's commute in oakland looks good in both directions. 6:08. go to steve. very good morning to you all. we have breezy conditions for a few. north at 12 at vacaville. fairfield north at 17. napa just turned a little bit. but i've seen in the napa valley some north-northwest yet the airport says south at 3. santa rosa now calm. about an hour ago northwest at 10. sfo north-northwest at 8. san jose says calm. not that i could find but near there some rustling over the breeze. 40s and 50s for some but 30s for others. weak system coming in north. mostly sunny, warmer. windy at times. hit and miss. just depends. no fog stirred up the atmosphere. so it's cold to cool. 30s, 40s and 50s. but by the weekend breezy north- northeast wind and that means
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warmer on the coast. if you want to make plans go for it. just beautiful for the weekend. weak system we're at the very tail end of that. just higher clouds. mostly sunny. warmer, breezy. 60s low, mid to maybe a few upper. fairfield 53. they have the north wind it's going to be a breezy day. temperatures will rebound from the 50s and then in the 60s. san francisco starting 52. go for a high of 63. but it doesn't take long for that temperature to drop especially around 3:00 because the sunsets so early now. breezy, cool to mild. 45 napa. 41 concord. palo alto 41. san jose 51. there are some 30s. wind protected 35. woodside 37. lafayette 39. one observation holding onto a low 40. 20s in the mountains. cold there. sacramento with the wind north wind at 54. little system slides by high pressure builds in for a big
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area of high pressure in north- northeast wind by the weekend. 60s today. breezy, blustery at times. cold friday morning. then sunny and breezy and warmer as we go into the weekend. thank you, steve. sounds good. tuition is going up by 15% for cal state students. trustees approved a 5% tuition increase that takes effect in january. another 10% increase will kick in next fall. that means undergraduate students will be paying nearly $4900 a year. trustees say increasing with need today maintain classes and enrollment in student services. some san jose students spent last night in tents set up on the campus. drawing attention to poverty here in california even as they themselves face their own financial problems. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live. he's out there with the details. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. these students got the news about the tuition hikes next year as they're out here to draw attention to the
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homelessness problem. this has kind of become a dual purpose event out here. about a dozen tents out here on the campus of san jose state university. you can make almost anything sound good when you attach the phrase under the stars to the end. almost anything. this event is called poverty under the stars. the idea is to direct attention to the problem of homelessness in santa clara county. for the past five years san jose students have spent one night in tents outside the shadow of the tommy, smith and john car will statue. it's not only a learning experience but a commitment to work towards the problem. the youngest student out here has been coming here since he was 5. >> 72,000 people are in poverty in the usa. and we're trying to change it. >> reporter: is that something that over the past five years you kind of have a feeling about too? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think about when you see a homeless person? >> i think -- i feel bad.
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>> reporter: the faculty advisor's son. the faculty advisor out here this morning as well. the idea popped up five years ago in conjunction with a student project to help the victims of hurricane katrina. the project resulted in the introduction of two bills into congress although those bills never became laws the students ended up helping hundreds of hurricane victims. i would imagine not a lot of homeless people have tents but getting around the fact it's cold out here the experience is very real. coming up in my next report talk to some of the college students out here all night to see what it was like. live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. online shoppers are encouraging a boycott of it's all because of something they found for sale on the site. >> reporter: and president obama is weighing in on the
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very controversial proposals to cut the federal deficit. i'll show you what he has to say coming up as the morning news continues.
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good morning to you. welcome back. happy veteran's day. time now 6:16. president obama is commemorating veteran's day in south korea. in an address to the american troops the president paid tribute to americans who defended south korea 60 years ago against north korea. the president greeted the
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veterans of the so-called forgotten war. he also attended a wreath laying ceremony at a war memorial. there's a growing controversy in washington over the early recommendations of the president's debt reduction commission. it's dogging the president overseas. ktvu's allison burn asks in our washington d.c. newsroom with the president's reaction to all of this. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, dave. that's right. the president is in south korea day one of the g-20 summit has ended. he met with some of the leaders of the world's biggest economies about high stakes trade and currency issues. but he's facing some very tough questions about a controversy here at home. the preliminary proposals of his debt reduction commission. the commission chairs are proposing ideas like huge defense cuts including military pay freezes. eventually raising the social security eligibility age to 69 and eliminating the mortgage
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interest tax deduction. >> if we are concerned about debt and deficits, then we're going to have to take actions that are difficult and we're going to have to tell the truth to the american people. >> reporter: now outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi calls the preliminary proposals totally unacceptable. president obama is also facing some controversy and setbacks at the g-20. i'll have more on that in my next update in about an hour. for now we're live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. it's 6:18. so far the commute has been pretty smooth. let's check back in with sal. >> you know it has been. as a matter of fact we don't have too much going on when it comes to traffic right now. you can always tweet me and let me know if i'm missing anything. for the most part doing pretty well. highway 24 westbound driving to oakland. looks good here through
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lafayette. look at 880 north and south right in front of the coliseum. it looks very nice. and this morning's drive on the peninsula 101 and 280 still looking very good as you drive to the airport you should have no trouble. 6:18. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you very much. we have clear skies, mostly clear skies. a few high clouds coming by from a weak system. if you have the breeze it's in the 40s or 50s. if you don't it's in the 30s. santa rosa says calm. napa has turned -- that's at the airport. south at 3 other areas where it's north-northwest. fairfield north at 17. and right there's that system sliding by. mostly sunny, breezy, starting off cold. ending up mild, not warm yet. maybe by the weekend. santa rosa 64 yesterday. we'll go 67 today. san francisco from 61 to 63. 66 walnut creek. 65 today. the forecast high for oakland and san jose from 63 to 66. 40s, near 40 to near 50 and even 54 in san francisco.
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any breeze means your temperatures held up. after that system goes by and seattle and vancouver will be our fair weather friend by the weekend. 60s mainly our fair weather friend today. warmer to the weekend. it will be a north-northeast wind. thank you, steve. a website claims to have an advanced copy of target's black friday ad. it says the discounter will sell a 40-inch westing house lcd tv for less than $300. that's slightly more than half the usual price. other items include $3 toasters, a wii fit bundle that includes a balance board for just $67 and dvds for $4 each. most retailers try to keep their prices a secret for competitive reasons. hewlett pack hard says gifts included trips on yachts and tickets to the super bowl
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and were to win contracts with the texas schools. hp says the incident happened years ago and the employees involved are no longer working for the company. time now 6:20. it's official. has stopped listing a controversial book because of its content and its title. the book is called the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. it's a self-published book that the author says offers legal and social advice. some angry shoppers were calling for a complete boycott of amazon until that book was removed. so far amazon is not commenting on either the book or why it's no longer available. well, candid comments from california's new governor- elect, what he told our political editor 10 years ago when he wasn't running for office. still ill legal, but how one bay area city is clearing the way for medical marijuana farms. things should be lighter on this fret ran's day. 237 looks good which is unusual
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for this time of the morning. more about the commute straight ahead.
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good morning. right now traffic looks good on bay area bridges. it's obvious today some people have the day off in honor of
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veteran's day. and people who do have to go to work are going to have an easier commute as a result across all bay area bridges. thank you. despite the defeat of prop 19, the city of oakland is pushing ahead with plans to make the marijuana industry more mainstream. the city council approved a plan to regulate large scale medical marijuana farms that would be the first in the nation to be government sanctioned. applicants would have to undergo extensive background checks, provide security and pay any back taxes. still unclear how the state or federal governments will refund but the feds still consider medical marijuana farming a crime. the number of homes repossessed by lenders was down 9% last month. realty track says it's the biggest decline this year. but at least some of that drop comes from several major lenders stopping foreclosures while investigation moves forward. the number of foreclosures in
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october of this year is still 21% higher than october of last year. time now 6:25. we're now seeing another side of governor-elect jerry brown. at the time jerry brown was mayor of oakland. didn't have to worry about defending any voters or campaign donors and he talked candidly about the life of a politician. >> there are moments when people can irritate you. in this game people can irritate you. everybody in front of you is right there. and that's a great -- this is viewed as this great attribute of a politician. >> jerry brown also talked about all the little things politicians have to worry about. he says he's always very self- conscious about eating while the cameras are rolling worrying for example that his
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mouth is open. those in charge of keeping tabs on california's finances say the state could face a $25 billion deficit over the next 19 months. the estimated $25.4 billion deficit includes $6.1 billion in this current fiscal year and $19 billion next year. drivers who park in a red zone or don't feed the meter could soon be sending more money to sacramento. when the current state budget was signed last month it included a $3 surcharge for all parking violations to help cover court costs. cities can pass that charge along to the drivers and most plan to do so. city leaders around the bay area say they're already trying to fill budget gaps and don't have extra thousands of dollars to absorb the cost themselves. the oakland mayor's race is historic in more ways than one. >> one. >> we've been waiting 158 years to have a woman mayor for the city of oakland. >> the reaction to jean quan's
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victory by ranked choice voting by the campaign of the losing candidate. an unexpected flare up in a bay area refinery created a public health emergency. some critical questions remain this morning. and the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. we'll tell you what happened early this morning that could effect stocks today. ♪ one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. mm! america runs on dunkin'.
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there it is. right on time. the opening bell in new york this morning. they are celebrating veteran's day on both the new york and nasdaq exchange that's american women veterans. the nasdaq unfortunately going to probably get hit pretty hard this morning. the dow already dropping. a lot has to do with a bay area company unfortunately, cisco systems reported a decent quarter, but the forecast
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looking forward was disappointing to analysts. took tech stocks down as a whole. dow jones bottom part of your screen already down 75 points. all right. we're going to look up and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news. happy veteran's day thursday november 11th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. the all clear given in contra costa county after power outage triggered an emergency at thes to oil refinery. now for hours last night all six of the refinery's flares were operating as they burned off natural gas. now if left unburned those gases had the potential to release carbon monoxide and other chemicals and partichats into the air. residents were told to stay inside for hours last night with their doors and windows shut. >> they were monitoring the air in realtime with hand held instrumentation and collecting
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samples. it will be analyzed at the bay area air quality management laboratory. >> now air quality officials say they did detect transient odors as far south as walnut creek. there's a question when they went into the air and if there will be long-term health effects. ktvu coverage continues at our channel 2 website at there you'll find more video from that incident and get other information. just look for the bay area news tab. the results of the oakland's mayor race have finally been announced. jean quan the winner over former state senator. but that does not mean the battle is over. ktvu's jade hernandez is in oakland with the reasons why. jade. >> reporter: good morning. we're live in front of city hall this morning. and there are a lot of firsts. jean quan the first woman and first asian-american to be mayor of oakland. quite a feat for a candidate who only had 24% of the vote after the initial election on
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november 2nd. her opponent, former state senator, had 35% of that vote although he garnered more of the vote, it wasn't a majority. that's where ranked choice voting kicked in. that's also where she picked up enough votes to beat her rival. last night registrar of voters said there are a handful of ballots which still need to be counted but wouldn't alter results. councilwoman quan won the race because she had more second and third place results than don. ranked choice voting confused voters. the margin was slim 50.98% over 49.02%. but the registrar's office says it's still enough for a victory. >> i've been seeing the snack coy remarks about ranked choice voting. people in oakland are not stupid. it was very, very clear in this race that people understood it that this is according to the
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experts i've talked to this is a better understanding than most of the time you have first ranked choice voting. >> reporter: she will hold a chinese banquet to celebrate with supporters. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:33. well a veteran alameda county sheriff's deputy is in jail this morning accused of molesting three children. 43-year-old of san ramon was arraigned on ten counts of child molestation. prosecutors say he molested three children between 2005 and 2009. he did not enter a plea. he is scheduled to return to court next week. he's being held now on $4.6 million bail. in san jose more than a dozen people and most of them are children are recovering this morning after a chlorine leak sent them to the hospital. this happened just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon at the
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aquatic swim center. fire officials say the chlorine apparently leaked in from the pool pump. san jose fire department says 15 people were taken to the hospital and treated for respiratory problems. none of the injuries described as life threatening. that incident is under investigation. a warning for people in santa rosa. police say that there have been at least 30 car burglaries in the past two weeks in the city's west side. suspects have targeted cars between west college avenue, fullton road, pinier road and highway 101. now police say the suspects have been smashing out windows and stealing items from inside the cars. san jose police could have a new tool to crack down on underage drinking. city council committee is looking into a social host ordinance law that would hold parents responsible if their kids drink at home. the mercury reports that the proposal was prompted after a crash in september involving two 18-year-old leland high
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school graduates. the passenger was killed and the driver arrested on a felony dui charge. it's unclear how the driver obtained that alcohol. time now 6:35. on this veteran's day sal is still watching the commute. so far so good. yeah. today's really lighter than usual. for example, right now if we go to the bay bridge i want to show you how good it is. i remember yesterday at this time it was full. and now it is not. you can see it's light. it looks like a high school they day. it is a holiday for a lot of people. that's the point. people who do have to go to work will find it that much easier. and, remember, i would think most people, not everyone, but most people have to go to work. but when you have 20% of people who don't, it really does make a difference. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. that traffic is moving well. this morning's commute on northbound 280 is moving along highway 17. so i don't know maybe 20% or 30% of people are not going because they have the day off. and the rest of us who do have to go have an easier time. at 6:36, let's go to steve.
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thank you, sal. good morning everyone. mostly clear now. temperatures in the lows either 30s, 40s or 50z. no breeze at all and temperature drops fast. any breeze and your held up in the 40s and some 50s north fairfield 17. napa airport south at 3. i've seen northwest napa valley north at 12. sfo anywhere between 10 to calm. now the airport says calm. temperatures today will be in the 50s and 60s. windy at times. mainly higher elevations but breezy. mostly sunny, warm, looks pretty good. no fog. the breeze takes care of that. cold to cool to start off with. but end up with 60s on the high. breezy but that will be a northeast wind. warmer for everyone. coast go ahead and make plans. could be the nicest place. this time of year northeast wind means really nice by the coast. days are short and nights are long there's the system falling apart fast. 60s, low, mid and maybe a few
6:38 am
upper if everything falls into place but mid-60s. fairfield our target forecast 52. and north wind at 17. it's going to be a breezy windy day out of the north anywhere from fairfield to sacramento valley. could be rather windy day. 66 we'll go for a high today. san francisco 54 right now. so if you commute in some areas you might come in in the 30s you get south city not that bad. 63 at noon. temperatures drop pretty fast by 4:00. 43 napa. 40 concord. palo alto 42. san jose 49. some areas drop and then warm up. i have found some 30s. woodside 37. 39menlo park. 27 reno. 28 tahoe. sacramento 54 due to that north wind. monterey down to 44. little system goes by and low going into vancouver after the low goes by pressure comes in and window crank up for us and
6:39 am
window with a northerly wind. few mid up toker. we have sunshine and warmer weather especially on the weekend and into early next week. a new bay area business is making a splash on youtube. finds out why their new video prompted a call from vice president joe biden. >> reporter: students at san jose state university spend the night outside. what they say the connection is between poverty and tuition hikes. san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading to the high- rise. tell you more about the peninsula commute and south bay commute when we come back.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:41. there's a major new development in monday night's fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in oakland. an independent autopsy reveals 37-year-old derek jones suffered multiple gunshot wounds but he was only hit in the front of his body. president obama is paying tribute to american troops this veteran's day in south korea. and there are several veteran's day parades and events scheduled here in the bay area today. it's all clear they're telling us now in contra costa county after a power outage triggered a level three emergency at the tesoro oil refinery.
6:43 am
for several hours last night all six of the refinery's flares were operating as they burned off natural gas. residents were told to stay indoors for a while just to be safe. there is an investigation underway. well, tuition is going up by 15% for students at cal state universities. trustees approved a 5% tuition increase that takes effect in january. another 10% increase will kick in next fall. that means undergraduate students will be paying nearly $4900 a year. trustees say the tuition increases are needed to maintain classes, enrollment and student services. time now 6:43. some san jose state students are waking up outside on campus this morning after spending the night in tents. they're trying to draw attention to poverty here in california even as they themselves face financial problems. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live. he's with some students now with details. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. those financial problems are going to get a little worse as
6:44 am
you just heard tuition going up next year at csu university schools across the board. behind me here at san jose state university you can see about a dozen perhaps 14 tents out here. i see many signs out here in the front spend my tax dollars on schools not war. and the one next to it says access. students have been holding this event for the past five years. it's not clear how many homeless people actually sleep in tents, but as far as the real life experience goes there's no getting around the cold. san jose state university students spent one night in tents outside in the shadow of the statue. they're not really homeless, but the students say this is not only a learning experience but a commitment to work toward a solution to a problem. and not only that, they themselves, the students, just learned two days ago they too
6:45 am
have another problem. >> actually, couldn't have been better timing with this event going on and then waking up. we're planning for the event and then the next thing you know we wake up in the morning and read something that our tuition is being hiked by 15%. >> reporter: now this all became of the gulf coast works project basically a student started group that went to go down and help the victims of hurricane katrina. but it certainly soon morphed into this overnight event now called poverty under the stars. now it's not just sleeping out here. last night students were telling me they spoke with some homeless people and really got a sense that among the 7200 or so estimated homeless people in santa clara county there are many different ways to become homeless or impoverished. they were very surprised that many of the people they talked to they themselves once had regular jobs and regular family life but one or two things happened and they ended up on
6:46 am
the streets. coming up at 7:00 students aren't all awake right now. you just heard from one of them. we'll try to talk to more students out here about their experiences. live in san jose, kraig debro, channel 2 news. time now 6:45. vice president joe biden telephoned a couple of local business owners to say thank you for a recent youtube video they made as part of that video the employees said one by one they hired me. >> they hired me. >> they hired me. >> that's what they're all saying. this video of the owners thanks president obama and congress for the federal economic stimulus money that supported their small business loan. the video goes onto tell of the many vendor who is are also benefiting from it. vice president biden said the video was well-done and said soon he'll be coming in for some ice cream. one u.s. soldier is making military history on this
6:47 am
veteran's day. the first seek soldier to go through basic combat training in 30 years now graduated from fort jackson in south carolina. also the first u.s. soldier allowed to wear a turban and have a beard. he says he's eager to train as a combat medic and defend the united states. time now 6:46. transit officials voted they're going to spend up to $400,000 to study the possibility of building yet another bridge across the san francisco bay. the southern crossing bridge would stretch between interstate 238 and interstate 380. the idea's been considered for years. but it was i always rejected because of the price tag and possible environmental damage. the toll from the bay area seven state owned bridges would pay for this new study. sal, you've been covering traffic in the bay area for a lot of years. do you think that will help if we had another bridge there? >> absolutely it would help.
6:48 am
it would take traffic off the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. in fact we saw the map. let me do it again for you. i'm going to put my maps up here. i want to show you i'm just going to go ahead and put it in the tell strait mode which is kind of crude but we'll do it this way. 380 right here in san bruno, draw the imaginary line to 238. can you imagine coming in on 580 and being able to cut across to san bruno and get to the san francisco airport without having to deal with the san mateo bridge or bay bridge? that would be excellent. bridges aren't really made overnight. they're studying the plan and we will find out more as the process continues. let's go out and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. today is veteran's day. and i'm wondering just an educated guess maybe 20% or 30% of people have the day off. got a tweet from jeff scott who's a public high school teacher gloating about how he has the day off. must be nice, jeff. and everyone else who has the day off. let's move along and westbound 237 as you cross 880 that traffic is finally getting a
6:49 am
little busy here at the merge. now at 6:48, let's go to steve. we are not amused with jeff there. >> we are not. >> thank you. mostly sunny. higher clouds coming by. a weak system. really the key today is a breeze. if you have a breeze temperatures starting in the 40s or 50s. if you don't it's in the 30s. but mostly sunny and breezy today. see just a tail end of a system dragging across. more clouds i'd say from about san francisco, oakland, vallejo north this is a very weak system. there's only one more in the pipeline and we get a northeast wind by the weekend that means sunny and warmer. that rain last two weekends but not this weekend. go ahead and make those plans. 63 in san francisco. slightly below average. the record 79 in 1930. oakland airport and downtown they'll both be about 65. slightly above. same for santa rosa 67. their average temperature this time of year 65. mountain view 66 right where you should be. and san jose 66 like wise 66.
6:50 am
their record they take the pie here 82 back in 1904. temperatures now 40s on this panel. there are some 30s. but 54 in san francisco on the mild side. the coldest i can find at 35, 39 at menlo park. woodside in there 37. 20s up in the mountains and also in reno. 34 cold degrees. that weak system right there and a low right after that goes by high pressure comes in. this one will dig and then the high comes in we get the northeast wind. saturday and sunday look good but little breezy. 60s today for highs. low, mid, maybe a few upper. clear and cold overnight into friday. and slightly warmer than sunny side up and warmer into the weekend and early next week. all right. thank you, steve. 6:50 is the time right now. people who don't think they have enough time to shop for christmas can use one holiday to get ready for another. sears will be open for five hours on thanksgiving day. doors will open at 7:00 a.m. which will give most people time to shop before having
6:51 am
their thanksgiving dinner. now it's the first time in the company's 124 year history to be open on thanksgiving. let's check in on wall street. as i'm looking here at the dow jones which is down 114 points already, 11,244 i'm also looking at cisco systems bay area company reported a pretty good quarter, but the disappointing part was the look forward at the next quarter. and that stock is down 16% this morning. cisco systems definitely considered a bellwether for technology stocks. taking tech stocks down in general most of which trade on the nasdaq exchange. looks at nasdaq it's down almost 2%. about 47 points. a new survey of shopping websites shows free shipping is the most effective sales solution to shopping on holidays. when they offer free shipping, average sales increase by at least $4. two-thirds of the site owners
6:52 am
require a minimum of $50 or more for that but this year 29% say they will offer free shipping on orders of any size no minimum done by the online sales industry newsletter auction and wal-mart is apparently counting on free shipping to attract more shoppers. starting today the world's largest retailer's website is offering free shipping on more than 60,000 gift items. does include toys and electronics. the offer runs through december 20th. wal-mart is trying to revive sales which have fallen for five consecutive quarters. it's 6:52. the cruise ship we've been following keeping a close eye on getting closer and closer. the worst vacation ever coming to an end. hundreds of people trapped on board this cruise ship. we'll tell you when the cruise ship splendor is expected into port.
6:53 am
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most likely the worst cruise vacation ever is about to end for passengers who have been trapped on board that carnival ship splendor. the ship is just about to reach the port. these are some shots taken earlier. some 4500 people are on board. supplies have been reaching them by way of helicopters from the u.s.s. ronald reagan. let's go to tori now to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. >> good morning dave and pam. in minutes we'll be live to update what's happening right
6:56 am
now at the tesoro refinery after a level three emergency there last night forced a shell they are place warning for hours. just moments ago we got some surprising information from a refinery spokesman. there is a winner in the oakland mayor's race, but the debate over the results is not over yet. find out what the second place candidate is planning to do today. and what the national park service is doing today here in the bay area and across the country to honor the services and sacrifices of veterans on veteran's day. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. thank you, tori. see you then. right now back over to sal because he's getting word of a new crash in contra costa county. >> that's right. on highway 4 pam and dave westbound 4 at summersville road. we have a crash involving a motorcycle down in the lanes. they have the fire department and paramedics on the way for an injury accident westbound 4. summersville road. now there's a back up where there wasn't one before it was actually shaping up to be a good morning.
6:57 am
but now we have a back up there. let's go to the toll plaza where there is no back up because of veteran's day a lot of people have the day off. some schools and government offices are closed. moving to 237 at the merge little slowing there but that's about all. not too deep this morning. 6:56. here's steve. thank you. mostly sunny today. 30s, 40s and 50s. little breezy at times and windy for a few. 60s for highs. more in a few minutes. 6:57. a long time catholic high school in santa rosa is now scheduled to close at the end of the school year. it's been in operation for 130 years as a private all girls school. last night school officials met with students and parents to explain their decision. they say it's all because of a 30% drop inenrollment and lack of money. the closure is effecting generations of north bay
6:58 am
families. >> i came here. my sister went through here. my nieces have gone through here. i had hope that had my daughter would graduate here too. >> the school board used retirement and ministry funding to keep the school operating this year. next year santa rosa's cardinal newman high school for boys will become coed and allow those girls to attend classes there. coming up next here on mornings on 2, the big question still needs to be answered in the big flare up at the bay area refinery. a refinery spokesperson just gave us some surprising information. also the coroner answered one of the critical questions in that fatal police shooting of an unarmed man in oakland. stay with us.
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